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Superior Strategies!
Locally owned and Operated, Superior Strategies Supply and Service Inc. By Sherry Hanes (Aug., 2020) Looking for that one company that can provide superior business management strategies, not to mention, corporate and business supplies? Look no further! Superior Strategies Supply and Service Inc., is here for you and they have one primary purpose, and that is to help you strengthen the success of your bottom line? If your company is receiving or is thinking of acquiring a strategy planning/service ... Read More

We're here & we got your back!
We’re here and we got your backs! By Sherry Hanes July 2020 Let’s think strategy! To get to the point…. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to economic recovery from this pandemic but, progress is being made. With the major down turns in the economy, due to closures and minimizing labour forces in manufacturing and in retail services, Mom and Pop stores, the, little guys, as they are referred to, are sure facing their fair share of struggles to survive as well. Dealing ... Read More

Covid 19: How Have We Done
Covid 19: How Have We Done And What’s Next? by Scott A. Sumner The world changed for everyone recently! Not just for Thunder Bay or Canada but for the planet as a whole. What we have experienced with Covid 19 is something like never before as it has touched everyone.It is sad so many deaths have occurred across the world including Canada and our neighbour to the south.We have been pretty lucky in the Thunder Bay area with our isolation from large urban areas. In some ways it was good to be ... Read More



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