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Sleeping Giant Brewing Company
Sleeping Giant Brewing Company Celebrates 7th Birthday by Scott A. Sumner The Sleeping Giant Brewing Company had a 7 Th Birthday Celebration on June 14th. The successful Thunder Bay start up company now has 30 staff members, a large facility and continues to grow! “ We are celebrating our 7th birthday today after getting our license 7 years ago and delivering out first keg to the Madhouse on Bay Street. We are super excited to celebrate this with our customers, our employees and licensees,” ... Read More

2019 International Forest Bio
2019 International Forest Biorefining Conference by Scott A. Sumner The 2nd International Forest BioRefining Conference was held June 9 to 12, 2019 at the Victoria Inn in Thunder Bay “ The 3 day event is all about forest bio refinery and the bio economy- how can we as researchers at university’s, industry people and the government, agree as three, on a path way to commercialize our inventions for the sake of building the new bio refinery, ” said Dr. Lew Christopher Chair IFBC - ... Read More

Red Sky Metis Celebrate Nation
Red Sky Metis Celebrate Nation Indigenous Peoples Dayat the Spirit Garden at Prince Arthurs Landing by Scott A. Sumner It was fun to attend The Red Sky Metis Indigenous Peoples Day on a bright sunny day at Thunder Bay’s Waterfront. “ This is the second year we have hosted at the Spirit Garden at Prince Arthur’s Landing during the Indigenous Peoples Celebration where we pulled together a community event and a cultural event to celebrate our Metis culture. We are having a barbecue, ... Read More



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