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Covid 19 and Our Economy
Covid 19 and Our Economy - 6 Months Later! It’s been about six months now since the onset of COVID-19 in our world which meant a virtual shut down of much of the economy. So what have we learned in the last six months? I tend to ask a lot of questions to business people that you meet and there are always a wide variety of answers. Generally though COVID 19 has had far reaching implications for most people and business. Air Canada is back in operation with jet service flying people to Toronto ... Read More

FedNor investment to enhance
FedNor investment to enhance tourism and create youth employment in Thunder Bay—Rainy River Young Canadians have the talent and drive to succeed, and local employers are eager to benefit from their unique perspectives. Providing opportunities for young graduates to prove themselves and for organizations and businesses to access a skilled and enthusiastic workforce is precisely what a Government of Canada internship initiative is doing in Northern Ontario. Since its inception more than three ... Read More

Some Events Still Happening in
Some Events Still Happening in Thunder Bay! by Scott A. Sumner There are some annual events in Thunder Bay that I always enjoy attending. In 2020 with COVID 19 two of these events still happened albeit in different manners. The KBMX Dirt Riders were able to combine two earlier scheduled races to one with a limit of 100 spectators each day. This year had a definite family feel to the event with the primary participants being younger riders with their family as team members. The enthusiasm wasdefinitely ... Read More



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