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Manshield Construction Commend
Manshield Construction Commended on Atikokan Hospital Redevelopment and Renovation Project. BEAUTIFUL! By Sherry Hanes True dedication to the project. Peter Belluz, President and CEO of Manshield Construction receives Letter of Commendation.Whenever anything old becomes new again, there is a certain excitement in the air. Such was the case with the redevelopment and renovation of the Atikokan General Hospital, in Atikokan Ontario.On July 29, 2015, Thunder Bay, Atikokan MPP, Bill Mauro announced, ... Read More

Local 28 Year Old Entrepreneur
Local 28 Year Old Entrepreneur Finds Success: Kasper Transportation by Scott A. Sumner Kasper Wabinski was born in Winnipeg after his parents immigrated from Poland. He lived in Europe for 7 years after that and then went to high school in Guelph. “ After high school my parents said you go on in school or your moving out on your own. I wanted to be in business making web sites, which I did through high school, but thought about being a pilot and went to Confederation College to take the Aviation ... Read More

Top Hat Ceremony Celebrates
Top Hat Ceremony Celebrates Opening Of The Shipping Season! M.V. CSL Welland is the first vessel to arrive in the Port of Thunder Bay during the 2018 navigation season, and received the traditional Top Hat in a ceremony today. The CSL Welland arrived in Port on Tuesday, March 27, berthing at noon at G3 elevator. The vessel is taking on a load of grain. The CSL Welland holds the record for the largest single shipment of grain loaded in the Port of Thunder Bay. On August 16, 2016 the vessel departed ... Read More



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