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Stop in at BODYMIND Centre
Stop In at The Bodymind Centre and Help Them Celebrate 25 Years! “Every moment of awareness is our teacher.” By Sherry Hanes January 2020 In 1995, Erin May of Thunder Bay, Ontario, decided to bring to the world, her vision and services to help people improve their bodies and minds. She opened The Bodymind Centre, a multidisciplinary health and wellness facility with three yoga and pilates studios, a retail lululemon boutique and treatment rooms. Erin and her 35 staff guide people through ... Read More

New Name & Logo for Bay Credit
New Name and Logo for Bay Credit Union Members come together to announce a modern new brand rooted in local history Bay Credit Union today introduced an updated corporate name and new logo to reflect the Credit Union’s community roots and growth. Moving into the future, Bay Credit Union will be known as BAY Credit Union – an acronym for Banking About You. Founded in 1946 as People’s Co-operative Credit Union Limited, BAY Credit Union originally served the large Finnish-speaking ... Read More

The Press and The Print
The Press and The Print By Sherry Hanes December 2019 You know in the world of news and accessing it, times have really changed.At one time, radio, television and the daily newspaper were the primary sources to learn about what was going on in the world, the region and >your local community. Advertising supported the platform for the availability of the information but having said all that, not much has changed as far as small business and corporations advertising on these media platforms, all ... Read More



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