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The St Lawrence Seaway System
The St. Lawrence Seaway System Celebrates 60 Years by Sherry Hanes It’s the 60th anniversary year of the biggest engineering achievement in Canadian History…Sea what we’ve done! So! Sit down in your captains’ chair, and relax…because you’re going to find this very interesting! Our St. Lawrence Seaway System… AKA, our Marine Highway, ‘Hwy H20’, ‘The Water Stairs’… we share with you, the extreme importance of this engineering ... Read More

BDC President Impressed
BDC President Impressed With Thunder Bay Economy by Scott A. Sumner BDC President and CEO, Michael Denham, was in Thunder Bay July 24th and 25th meeting with local business leaders and the Thunder Bay Economic Development Commission (CEDC), as well as taking part in a roundtable discussion with women entrepreneurs. Business Development Bank of Canada is a long time partner to businesses in Thunder Bay and has been working alongside entrepreneurs in the region for over 55 years, helping grow their ... Read More

It isn't ‘WOMEN' in BUSINESS…
It isn’t ‘WOMEN’ in BUSINESS… It’s ‘BUSINESS’ in WOMEN! By Sherry Hanes Phew! Where to start? For literally centuries, women, the female counterpart of procreation,have been restlessly but, most indubitably and passionately, wanting to be in the business of business! It is just a natural, innate feeling to want to make the world a better place for everyone, while having a sense of great purpose. Call it entrepreneurship, if you will, … but we like ... Read More



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