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Keeping You Informed
Keeping You Informed Construction Season is Upon Us! Now that the winter is finally making its exit, preparation for the 2018 Construction Season is shaping up. And yes! There is a Construction Season. We spoke about this last year remember? In an interview with Penny Kok, CBCO, Supervisor – Inspections Building Services Division, Development & Emergency Services Department. City of Thunder Bay, shared this with us. (April 25, 2018) Sherry Hanes: “How many constructions projects ... Read More

Government of Canada unveils
Government of Canada unveils economic growth strategy for Northern Ontario Innovation-targeted strategy will build on the region’s unique strengths and competitive advantages to create middle-class jobs and business opportunities Canadians living and working in Northern Ontario will benefit from a new targeted approach to economic development with a focus on innovation, thanks to the Government of Canada’s Prosperity and Growth Strategy for Northern Ontario (PGSNO). The strategic plan ... Read More

Don't be left in the dark
Don’t be left in the dark: Thunder Bay Hydro announces new Save on Energy program We have all heard that energy efficient light bulbs can save us money but if you knew exactly HOW much, you might get a little more excited. With the rising costs of doing business, entrepreneurs are looking for efficiencies and savings wherever possible. Even saving a few hundred dollars can help, yet businesses often overlook the basic upgrades that could save them thousands— energy efficient lighting. ... Read More



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