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Ready for The Future! - Port
Ready for The Future! - Our Port of Thunder Bay By Sherry Hanes (April 2020) What’s all the excitement about? There are numerous, interesting details about our Port of Thunder Bay so, visit with us for a few moments in these pages, to discover the latest changes that are presently occurring in our port, changes that not only exceed current service needs for International H2O Transportation, but also keeps our port constantly viable, contributing to our economy and economic development, and ... Read More

Thunder Pride Association
Thunder Pride Association to accelerate growth of LGBTQ2S tourism in Northwestern Ontario Local organization to expand festivals and experiences to maximize opportunities for municipalities, businesses and Indigenous communities with support from the Government of Canada Canada is built around shared values of diversity, equity, optimism and personal security. These values are especially well aligned with the LGBTQ2S community, for whom safety and acceptance still rank high when choosing a travel ... Read More

We've Got The ‘Roast' Beef
We’ve Got The ‘Roast’ Beef ‘HUNGERY Meets HISTORY’! Arby’s Restaurant by Sherry Hanes For all you history buffs out there, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about the world famed Arby’s Restaurant and how it all got started! It isn’t hard to believe that since 1964, July 23rd, to be exact, millions of people have been enjoying freshly prepared roast beef sandwiches, designed to not just satisfy your hungering appetite, but to satisfy ... Read More



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