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The Press and The Print
The Press and The Print By Sherry Hanes December 2019 You know in the world of news and accessing it, times have really changed.At one time, radio, television and the daily newspaper were the primary sources to learn about what was going on in the world, the region and >your local community. Advertising supported the platform for the availability of the information but having said all that, not much has changed as far as small business and corporations advertising on these media platforms, all ... Read More

35 Years Is A Long Time
35 Years Is A Long Time: Thunder Bay Business December 1984 to December 2019 by Scott A. Sumner It seems just like yesterday that I was a young person just out of university with a career ahead of me. The question I had then was what would I like to do next? That seems to be something you hear quite often from young people, even today. In my case I had just completed the MBA program at York University in Toronto- the Schulich school as it is now known. The temptation was to get a job at a large ... Read More

PARO Announces 2019 Winners!
PARO Announces Northern Ontario’s Business Women of 2019 and Celebrates 25 years PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise (PARO) celebrated business women across the North and its 25th anniversary. The 2019 PAROBiz25th Event and Awards Gala recognized the achievements of 8 women who have turned their entrepreneurial ideas into successful businesses. PARO CEO & Founder, Rosalind Lockyer says; “There are hundreds of PARO women achieving their business dream in their communities and ... Read More



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