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Thunder Bay…Yep! That's Us!
Thunder Bay…Yep! That’s Us! Celebrating our 50th Anniversary of Amalgamation and Still Going Strong! How Time Flies When You’re Having Fun! By Sherry Hanes (February 2020) It would only be fair to say that it wasn’t always fun and that Thunder Bay wasn’t ALWAYS Thunder Bay. There was a time when Port Arthur and Fort William were separate cities and, even worse, they were actual rivals of each, (1800’s to sometime in the 1900’s especially). But that was ... Read More

Strong 2019 Shipping Season
Strong 2019 Shipping Season Wraps Up in the Port of Thunder Bay The 2019 shipping season has wrapped up at the Port of Thunder Bay with the departure of the final cargo-laden vessel on Sunday, January 12. The season featured notably higher cargo shipments than the past several years. Strong shipments of prairie-grown grain and other dry bulk commodities from Western Canada buoyed the port’s cargo tonnage to 9.3 million metric tonnes (MMT), the highest since 2014. Grain volumes increased by ... Read More

Stop in at BODYMIND Centre
Stop In at The Bodymind Centre and Help Them Celebrate 25 Years! “Every moment of awareness is our teacher.” By Sherry Hanes January 2020 In 1995, Erin May of Thunder Bay, Ontario, decided to bring to the world, her vision and services to help people improve their bodies and minds. She opened The Bodymind Centre, a multidisciplinary health and wellness facility with three yoga and pilates studios, a retail lululemon boutique and treatment rooms. Erin and her 35 staff guide people through ... Read More



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