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Northern Ontario Heritage Fund
Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Renews The Ontario government is launching new and improved Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) programs to help increase economic development and promote job creation in the North. The four new programs will target existing and emerging markets, support more projects in small rural communities, address the skilled labour shortage and make it easier for more people and businesses to apply. 'Our government took every opportunity to engage with northern ... Read More

Ontario Invests In Mineral
Ontario Invests In Mineral Exploration and Mining The Ontario government is providing more than $690,000 to help support research and development in mineral exploration and mining at Lakehead University. The funding will support a new industrial research chair and the creation of nine new jobs in Thunder Bay. This investment could eventually lead to the discovery of new mineral resources in Northern Ontario. 'Investing in job creation and research and development at Lakehead University will help ... Read More

TBT Engineering Limited
TBT Engineering Limited Announces New President on its 26th Anniversary Scott Peterson assumes new role effective February 1, 2021. Thunder Bay, Ontario, February 1, 2021; - February 1st continues to be a significant day in the evolution of Northwestern Ontario's largest independently owned engineering consulting firm. TBT Engineering Consulting Group, which was previously incorporated as Thunder Bay Testing (1995) Limited on February 1, 1995 now announces the appointment of Scott Peterson as the ... Read More



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