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Hoito Restaurant Celebrates!
Hoito Restaurant Celebrates 100th Birthday! by Scott A. Sumner The Finlandia Association of Thunder Bay held a media conference recently launching the activities marking the Hoito restaurant’s 100th birthday. Paula Haapanen, member of the Finlandia board and president of the Hoito gave a brief overview of its history and its impact on the community. Haapanen stated that “although it is not the oldest restaurant in Canada or even Ontario, it certainly is a significant milestone to reach ... Read More

How's Our Economy Look To You?
How’s Our Economy Look To You? by Scott A. Sumner This is the time of the year that historically we have talked about the state of the economy of Northwestern Ontario. I have always enjoyed having a look at what is going on and high liting some major happenings. The Thunder Bay Waterfront continues to develop with a 4 star Delta Hotel well underway. I think it will open late this year and will be a new full service hotel complete with restaurant and large meeting room space. The views will ... Read More

A Training Program
A Training Program in Northwestern Ontario to Prepare Participants for Job Opportunities in the Construction of the Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Line . A training program was recently announced that is designed for those looking to gain direct or indirect employment in the construction of the Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Line was introduced in Northwestern Ontario, and is already being deemed a success by all participating partners. Wataynikaneyap Power, Opiikapawiin Services, Infrastructure ... Read More



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