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New Chevrolet and Cadillac
New Chevrolet and Cadillac Electric Vehicles Coming! Soon! by Scott A. Sumner This year alone General Motors will offer three versions of a new Bolt, have a new electric Cadillac SUV coming and have moved forward production of a new Silverado electric truck to September from next year.General Motors is requiring 8 charging stations to be placed at Badanai Motors and are sending someone down to choose the locations at the dealership.This will require a substantial investment by Badanai Motors.Information ... Read More

The NWMO exploring geology
The NWMO exploring geology of the Ignace area and surrounding region The Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s (NWMO) recent studies deepen our understanding of the geology in the Ignace area and surrounding region. A recently published series of reports document our understanding of the regional geology as we continue our work towards confirming if the Ignace area is a suitable site for a deep geological repository. The Ignace area , along with South Bruce , Ont., is one of two locations ... Read More

Thunder Bay Ventures Supports
Thunder Bay Ventures Supports Dozens of Local Businesses Thunder Bay Ventures (TBV) is supporting dozens of local businesses through covid relief loans and other business development projects. TBV fosters community development through innovation, modernization, diversification, and inclusion. The support they have provided local businesses has had a profound positive impact in helping businesses survive and thrive throughout the shutdowns. Through the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF), TBV ... Read More



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