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IBEW Local 402
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 402 Complete New Training Centre by Scott A. Sumner There has been a great addition to the neighbourhood on Cobalt Street in the centre of Thunder Bay. The brand new, large, two storey state of the art International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 402 Training Centre! This project began in the planning stages in 2012. The land which housed the previous IBEW Local 402 building since 1980, was preloaded 2 years ago, and construction began ... Read More

6TH Location for Local
6TH Location for Local Pharmacy! By Sherry Aalto Brenda Adams, owner of Janzen’s Pharmacies, located in Thunder Bay, has now opened her 6th, newest location! Congratulations!! Everyone and I do mean everyone, staff and management, residence of Hogarth and Leila Greco, everyone, is excited about the opening of Janzen’s newest pharmacy! Brenda Adams herself, could not say enough about everyone involved with the project! She is also very proud of ALL, of her staff, (which is approximately ... Read More

Lakehead University celebrate
Lakehead University celebrate its exceptional graduands and recognize important people by Scott A. Sumner The annual graduation ceremonies at Lakehead University are always fun to attend ! Brian Stevenson, President of Lakehead University “This is a very wonderful part of the year. At the end of the year you see the results of all the work that you have done the rest of the year. It is a bittersweet time for methis year as on the one hand you are seeing all these wonderful kids and their parents ... Read More

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