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@2021 Brian Babcock


Welcome to 2021.


May it be better than 2020.


I suppose that I could just end my resolutions there, but that would leave a lot of white space.


Last year, my only new year’s resolution was to hope that for me personally 2020 would be a better year than 2019, or 2018 for that matter. I recall using the phrase “getting things back on track”.


Then 2020 happened.©


Yet, for me, 2020 was still in many ways better than 2019. After all, I am back writing here. The glass truly is half full. Or maybe even filling further.


So 2021 holds great promise.


A few resolutions to share, in the hopes that they bring you cheer and hope for 2021 and beyond:


  1. That this pandemic come to an end. Pretty obvious. But just thought I ought to put it out there, and to put it first, because it is most important.
  2. That the Thunder Bay Courthouse get back into operation. It is too much building not to be fully used. Virtual justice and temporary facilities have their uses, but as much as I complained about losing the grandeur of the “old courthouse”, 2020 has shown us that the “new” courthouse has many virtues too.
  3. That Bombardier (soon to be Alstom) finds a steady stream of work and returns to ample employment.
  4. That the civil procedure reforms in response to the pandemic finally bring litigation finally into the 21st century. Replacing service of documents via fax with service via email is a good start.
  5. That the Waterfront continues to be spectacular, and the Waterfront District continues its renaissance.
  6. That Downtown Fort William find a fresh beginning. It needs it.
  7. That Small Claims Court resumes regular operations. It is the busiest branch of the civil justice system, touching the most people. We need it.
  8. That the Thunder Bay chamber of Commerce continues its great work boosting the City and assisting members.
  9. That the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law continues finding courses for me to teach. I do love corrupting young minds, er, I mean teaching.
  10. That we all begin 2022 with our cups running over.


Have a Happy New Year, fine readers, I’m wishing that 2021 is another great year for you, for Weilers Law, and for Thunder Bay.



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